Surface and Windows 8

Since the RTM of Windows 8 I am using Windows 8 on all my laptops. Also on the laptop without a touch screen and which I use for my daily work. I am very happy with the way Windows 8 works. It feels a lot faster and stable then Windows 7 did.


Dennis Vroegop already explained why the question about the start button is strange. Eventually you don’t miss the damn thing Winking smile. In fact in Windows 7 I installed so much apps, I had to use search a lot. In Windows 8 it is just easier.

Before the official launch I used the Desktop mode a lot. Mainly due to the fact of missing apps. Nowadays it is different. The most important apps are there,, NOS, WebRadio, Lync, Onenote, Buienradar, Skype, Fokke and Sukke, Dilbert and other News programs

If you don’t have a touch screen, you need to remember some of these keys:

  • Windows key: gets you to the Start screen
  • Windows key + D: Desktop mode
  • Windows key + Q: Query mode
  • Windows key + I: Settings, it depends if you are in Desktop or Start screen there is the Control panel.
  • Windows key + C: call for the Charms (the icons at the right side)
  • Windows key + Z: If a Modern UI app has an App bar this is the way to call it

And the mouse helps also a lot. You get used to it really quick.

Since last weekend I have a Surface. Although I wasn’t at the //Build Conference, I could not wait any longer for one. I just wanted one. Till now I don’t regret I bought it. It is really cool! Love the battery life, the Touch cover (you get used to it too) and the addition of Office 2013. I use it making notes during meetings. Of course I use OneNote for it.

I have ordered my Surface in Germany, because we still can not buy it in the Netherlands yet. There are more options, WP7NL sums them all.


I love it and it will stay! The earlier named Windows 8 Style apps are also on my Surface and they work great. Btw on my Surface I am more in Metro mode.


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