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Yep, you might have noticed, but I have updated my Azure Cloud app. Still no high tech stuff on it, simple Hello World application with some changing pictures. But that not what I was looking for at first. I had a version and replaced it with a second version. Here are the steps.


Deploying my new package beside my production version. After this stage you can test you application etc.


I did not test it ofcourse, I just swapped the staging and the production version. 😉


After the swop, you have to start the production application. This takes a while and after the website shows you application is started, the application in realality is not available yet. I asume it is due to the CTP stage of the Platform.


Ofcourse I deleted the staging version. After this you can get some analystics about your application.


Oke, this is nice! Now we should move on, how about file uploads, cloud workflows, data in the Cloud etc. Figuring that out in the next days!

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Marcel Meijer

Op dit moment houdt hij zich voornamelijk bezig met Microsoft Azure, Cloud, C#, Software Ontwikkeling, Architectuur, etc. Hij werkt als consultant voor zijn eigen bedrijf JOEP-IT bv. In zijn vrije tijd is hij voorzitter, bestuurslid, eindredacteur en eventorganisator bij de SDN (Software Development Network). Sinds 1 oktober 2010 is hij MVP.

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